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It was refreshing to comprehensively discuss and learn concepts from a somewhat high level-it allowed consideration of broader concepts and strategies and helped ‘put things together’. It reinforced important concepts that are sometimes lost.
The facilitator, materials (including textbook) and guest speakers not only provided valuable information, but also forced the class to think critically about what is needed to have a successful company.
The course expanded on my knowledge of what is needed to have a successful start-up company.
This experience has been tremendous! There is too much to list here, but standout items include: market research, hiring talent, valuation of new companies, creating a business plan and exit strategy.
I’m so thankful for Randy for creating a warm and welcoming course environment that had rich experiences which really helped me grow as a new entrepreneur!
Valuation from the investors point-of-view gives me context of what will affect my concept analysis, business planning and investor presentations.